Lyre Bird-Castle Crag-Morans Lkts, Lamington NP

Lyre Bird-Castle Crag-Morans Lkts, Lamington NP

Sun 16th Jun 2024


Day Walk

A 12.6 circuit walk taking in the Foresters Camp, Lyre Bird Lookout with good views over the valley to Lost
World, Balancing Rock which is now screened off as it is considered too unstable to climb, Castle Crag has amazing
views in all directions, Morans Falls and Morans Falls Lookout. Sections are along faint walking tracks. There is a
minor scramble over a rocky razorback section which may be difficult. For experienced walkers only as I haven’t done
some parts of the walk.
Photo is at Castle Craig Lookout in 2007.

Additional Information


Medium (10 - 15 km per day)


4 > 4-7 Bush, Minor scrub, rainforest, rock, creek, rock hopping, scrambling.


4 > 4-7 Medium. Reasonable fitness required.

Cost. $


Date and Time

Start: Sun 16th Jun 2024 @ 06:30am
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