Sandgate Bike Ride

Sandgate Bike Ride

Sun 14th Jul 2024

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Bike Ride

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We will travel by car to Sandgate and park somewhere near the Shorncliff Jetty. We will then ride to Woody Point for BYO morning tea and then back to Sandgate - all on constructed bike paths (except a very tiny bit at Woody Point). It is about 22km return. BYO, take-away, or dine-in lunch is optional. BK

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Extra-long (greater than 20 km per day)


1 > 1-3 Graded or open terrain, No scrub.


2 > 1-3 Easy. Suitable for beginners.

Cost. $


Date and Time

Start: Sun 14th Jul 2024 @ 07:00am
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